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[IPk] Pump funding

Hi Elizabeth
Thanks for your kind words on the article. I saw a lot of flaws when I read
it in the magazine.
I am surprised to hear that you are having problems with the Eastern Health
Board. I had absolutely no problems with my pump being accepted. Dr Nolan of
St James wrote to the "Lady" in Mullingar who is also a doctor and said I
needed a pump because I had problems identifying hypos. Dr Nolans registrar
followed up with phone calls and was told of my acceptance. I had nothing to
do with this at all. Agreement was reached in two or three weeks.
How have you been coping with the pump? I am very pleased with the control I
have now and have not had a major hypo since I started in February. My
problem is how to fine tune my insulin requirements and in particular
balancing carbo intake against insulin. Any ideas?
Sean Seery