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Re: [IPk] pump fitting

>    The last message I sent failed, so here we go  again. I am trying to
>get a pump fitted for my daughter eho is 11 yrs  old, and it seems that
>there is no where experienced enough in the UK to do  this. Is this
>correct? She also needs a tonsillectomy done and although Great  Ormond
>St.have offered to do this via Portland Hospital they have advised us to
>take my daughter to Yale Hospital, USA. We are at present trying to set up
>a  schedule in Baltimore with Johns Hopkins Hospital, but we thought UK
>would be  less travelling for her and as my parents are still in Wales it
>would be an  added bonus for her after her surgery. Thanks Regards AMY (
>Mother to Maytha dx. 3/00  )

Hi Amy -

Good luck with your forthcoming trips.

There is no reason why pumps should not be used just as effectively on
children. But hospitals may only be happy to do this if they already have
experience with children on pumps - and at the moment there is a shortage
in the UK of experienced hospitals, although the situation is improving.
The intellectual maturity of the patient is a more important guide than
their age!

Diabetes UK (the new name for the British Diabetic Association) recently
made a statement about pump use, which you can read on the Insulin Pumpers
UK website at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk . In it they say that
"children should only be considered for pump therapy if they are under the
care of a paediatric diabetes team with extensive knowledge of the therapy."

If you haven't already, you might want to contact INPUT, a UK group
supporting pump users - website http://www.webshowcase.net/input . They
have a comprehensive list of hospitals in the UK that support pump therapy,
and may be able to direct you towards one that has experience with children
as well. Their UK phone number is 01425 629773

Don't know if that helps at all...

Best wishes


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