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[IPk] More pump articles

Hey chaps...

Another pump article hits the UK press!

This time it's the magazine of the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust.
They're a slightly odd organisation formed when a group broke away from the
BDA a few years back. Their main platform is the benefits of pork insulin
v. evils of human insulin. But they also generally stir up trouble whenever
an opportunity presents itself - which is no bad thing.

Anyhow, I wrote the article for them about 12 months ago - so it's my
views, not the views of a pesky ignorant journalist. And it's finally made
it from their pending-tray to the centre page spread. It's suffered a bit
of editting - ie my elegantly crafted prose has had spelling mistakes and
gramtical errors introduced. But that's life I believe. It's more or less
the same as the page on my website at


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