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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #80

Dear Andy
 I would suggest that if your control is already good you are likely to
benefit alot from the pump as far as your quality of life goes. You need to
be motivated, and it sounds as though you are. You would be able to have
that late night curry with the lads AND a lie-in in the morning. You may not
get much enthusiasm from your medics yet, but so long as people keep asking
and pushing, the closer that day will come , Good Luck,
>> Hi, I'm Andy Hayne. I am 24 and have been diabetic since I was 2. I am
> currently taking Human Actrapid 3 times per day and Human Ultratard once a
> day. Overall my control is excellent and I am wondering if switching to a
> pump would make life a little easier and more flexible for myself?
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