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[IPk] Andy Hayne

Hi Andy,

Welcome to this list.

Switching to the pump will made me realise how regimented I was on DMMI. I
knew, that during the day I had to have an injection about every 5 hours
with corresponding food intake, whether I wanted it, or not.

I have been on the pump now for nearly 14 months, and my life has completely
changed. My basal insulin enables me to go all day without eating. (If I
wish to do so) and when I do want to eat, at any time I choose, I just give
myself the necessary bolus insulin to cover the carbohydrate intake.
Complete freedom!

I feel better, more alive and my insulin intake has been reduced by 37%. My
BG's are now very steady, if I get a reading over 10.0, which is very rare,
I want to know why, and better yet I will know why. All in all I feel like a
normal person again.

I cannot recommend the pump highly enough, if you have the desire and
committment to want to manage your own diabetes, the pump is for you, it
will give you a better quality of life.

If you have any doubts, try one. I am sure that both Disetronic and MiniMed
will loan you a pump, why not ask them.

They can be reached at:

Disetronic 01203 531338.  e-mail email @ redacted
MiniMed  01223 420414   e-mail email @ redacted

Whatever you decide, be lucky,


John Davis.

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