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[IPk] teeth & BGs

Andy, Iím an 18 year old student and before I went onto the pump over a year 
ago I didnít let my diabetes stop me from doing anything either, but it was 
always at the back of my mind.

Now that Iím on the pump my life is SO much more flexible. I can do things 
on spur-of-the-moment without worrying about if I have the right insulin. I 
donít have to think about when Iím next going to eat because I donít have to 

Where in Scotland do you live. I should be up there at some point over the 

John, I canít be sure, but I think maybe my blood sugar was high when in 
hospital because I was anxious about the operation. Maybe when I started to 
relax my blood sugar dropped naturally, but then plummeted with the 3 units. 
I wasnít allowed any food or drink after 9am so I could even suck on a 
glucose tablet. Thatís why they have to feed me through a drip.


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