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RE: [IPk] teeth

>Hello everyone....speaking of teeth...I have heard that diabetics have more
>'issues' with their teeth than non-diabetics..i.e. peridontal disease, loss
>of teeth, etc.  Do any of you know about this or have any information?  My
>dentist is lacking in this area.  Thanks!

Kim - I think diabetics have more "issues" with everything ;-) Given that
the immune system plays a large role in tackling tooth and gum disease, and
high bg's or whatever seems to weaken the immune system, I can well believe
people with diabetes getting more decay. Combine that with the sweet things
we're always taking for hypos, and it's a lethal combination...

I personally have always had a rotten set of teeth. Even pre-diabetes. So
does my father. I'm just going through another session at the moment. I've
had fillings start to drop, so they're being re-done. And I've got to have
a crown on one tooth, where there's not enough tooth left to fill.

Hey ho.


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