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[IPk] teeth


I had all 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday and everything went okÖ.. ish. I was 
allowed to keep my pump on and wasnít put on a sliding scale. Although I did 
have to have a glucose drip. I went into hospital with a BG of 15. I took 3 
units which should have brought me down to 6, but no, because it was so hot 
I went MEGA hypo and after about 10 minutes of constantly calling the nurse 
she finally arrived with a doctor and a big bag of glucose which they shoved 
into the back of my handÖ. Tell you what though, it starts working within 
about 3 seconds!!!

I could have fiddled with my basel rate but I didnít want the " end of 
temporary basel rate" alarm going off when I was knocked out!

Iím now generally eating mush and popping the pain killer and antibiotic 
pills. None of it went as badly as I expected which was such a relief! 
Although I do look like a hamster with its pouches full!!


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