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Re: [IPk] (Fwd) Copy of E mail to UK List

Phyllis -

I hope your enjoy your stay in olde England :-)

Minimed are represented in England by AMT Tel: 01223 420415. Ray Morrissey
can rush you supplies in an emergency I'm sure.

If you need Disetronic supplies (infusion sets etc), their number is 01203

All the best - and sink well ;-) As a singer myself, I can assure you it's
no different from any other high-stress, high-energy activity...


>Hi Fellow Pumpers,
>I live outside of Washington, D.C. and am coming to England next week.
>i arrive on Friday. I am on a Minimed pump.  I have written the two e
>mail addresses suggested by Minimed in the US but have not yet
>received a response. I am concerned about  what to do if I have a
>crisis in supplies (I am taking plenty of course) and also what to do
>if the pump fails. in the US, you get a loner within 24 hours. I
>noticed one person is in Manchester. I will be near Manchester the
>first weekend, in Loughboro for most of the following week attending s
>sinking week of a group called the Europa Cantat. (I can't wait to see
>what a week of intensive singing does to my bs.).  If you have any
>suggestions, or can even give me your name and phone no, I would
>greatly appreciate it.  Pleaes e mail me privately at email @ redacted
>(I am on the US mail list under the screen name
>email @ redacted).
>Phyllis Dobin

mailto:email @ redacted

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