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[IPk] Letter to the BDA

Sorry for previous posting, this was sent in error. It was in my outbox
awaiting completion.

Treat this as a PS.

If we could all write to:

Simon O'Neill
Head of Care Services
British Diabetic Association
10 Queen Anne Street

He will state our case with the necessary people. I have asked Ray Morrissey
to get all of his users to write, I hope they do.

When asked at the meeting, what support do pump users need from the BDA?
John Hughes made several suggestions, including space in Balance for pump
users, which were accepted without question. However, this does not mean
they will do anything about it unless we make them issues, so lets tell them
what we want..

Sorry again about this fragmented message, I am typing it between phone
enquiries from the Balance article.


John Davis

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