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Re: [IPk] Diabetes NVQ

>I must have missed some of the postings for this one, are you suggesting a
>GCSE in Diabetes ?

Probably not a GCSE, although that is one idea. I'm advised that GCSE's
have to be fairly academic in content, and disease management is rather
practical. However, I'm keen that it should include a great deal of
theoretical content about how the human body works, the logic behind
treatment strategies - that sort of thing.

The body who oversee non-vocational qualifications (NVQ's) might be more
interested in this sort of thing.

>Wow! I wouldnt want to be the one marking the papers cos the docs cant even
>agree on the correct way to treat it?

As Di says, what docs do agree on is that there are many ways to do
something. That you teach. You can also teach why some docs prefer one
method, and other docs another...


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