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Re: [IPk] Diabetes NVQ

I must have missed some of the postings for this one, are you suggesting a
GCSE in Diabetes ?

Wow! I wouldnt want to be the one marking the papers cos the docs cant even
agree on the correct way to treat it ?


At 21:52 08/07/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>>that sounds great, John. Similar to what you were talking about a few
>>months ago.
>Surprise surprise!
>>The problem, of course, is finding people sufficiently
>>qualified to teach them! How many of the medical professionals that
>>you know would you consider to be capable of teaching such a class?
>>Not just giving out the bog-standard information that everyone gets to
>>hear, but the real stuff.
>Because it wouldn't be individual patient training, but straight class
>teaching, you don't need qualified health professionals. You just need
>teachers. Biology teachers, college lecturers. That sort of thing.
>For example, take a look at
>http://www.ocr.org.uk/schemes/gcse/misc/1815/1815s.htm. That's the syllabus
>for the GCSE in Health Studies. Now rewrite it, aiming it specifically at
>Type 1 diabetes. Combine it with the misc.health.diabetes faq, and you have
>the beginnings of an interesting syllabus.
>You design a syllabus, have it accepted by the relevent board, write a
>course book, recruit the teachers - they're just in it for the money - and
>have the BDA and clinics promote the courses. The syllabus isn't written by
>doctors alone. We design it as well. It's very practical. But above all the
>syllabus is not beholden to any one clinic's or national strategy. If two
>clinics do something in two different ways, you teach that it can be done
>in two different ways, for the following reasons...
>It's not an easy task, of course. And there is much work and planning to be
>done - and is being done at the moment. But I believe formalised teaching
>is one important strand in patient empowerment.
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