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Re: [IPk] Dave's Missing Message etc.

> Yes... been there as well. I was off to England for 2 weeks, and found I
> only had 2 Tenders left in the store cupboard (well, the pile of junk in
> the corner of the room...) I had to dig out an old box of evil SofSets I'd
> stashed away for emergency use. It took up most of the space in my suitcase
> and 2 weeks of discomfort ensued :(

At least they weren't the unpluggable Sofsets I had to use while waiting!
> Interestingly, a similar concern cropped up when I was talking to my
> specialist in Bristol. Plans are now afoot to create some sort of
> formalised diabetes education program: possibly an NVQ in Practical Type 1
> Diabetes. 

that sounds great, John. Similar to what you were talking about a few
months ago. The problem, of course, is finding people sufficiently
qualified to teach them! How many of the medical professionals that
you know would you consider to be capable of teaching such a class?
Not just giving out the bog-standard information that everyone gets to
hear, but the real stuff.

I think we have to look at the US (yep, the land of obsessed
weirdos). Seems to work there. In most cases you have to fight for the
right to have a pump. Insurance companies on the whole don't jsut
supply them willynilly, even with doctor's approval. OK, they're not
perfect. Some people have immense trouble getting their companies to
afree, but most get there in the end. 
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