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Re: [IPk] Dave's Missing Message etc.

I think you're pretty much spot on there.
I don't think any of us (or anyone else in the Uk for that matter) is
likely to be recommending pumps to everyone though!

It seems we're all very clear on that one.
the only problem with the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude
however is this: many people don't realise it's broke!

It's like a lot of people who go around with defective eyesight and
don't realise that their sight could be better with glasses (r just
that they haven't got perfect sight). There aer a lot of people out
there with diabetes who aren't doing great on MDI or whatever, but
think (or are told by their doctors) "well that's just diabetes." If
you have a disease, you expect to feel ill!

Sometimes it's a matter of fine-tuning, such as increasing the number
of injections, but sometimes MDI just plain doesn't work. And people
are made to feel it's their fault.

I think the thing to be careful of is that people realise that pumping
itself is not a miracle cure. They're suddenly starting to hear al
this "pumping changed my life", "my insulin dose has halved", "I can
go out without worrying about hypos" and there are bound to be people
who see it as such. My dad (a type I for nearly 50 years) still can't
get it into his head that it's possible to have hypos when you're
using a pump". then again, he thought the same when I first went on
MDI. LOL - if only it were true half of us wouldn't be on the pump at
all! Then again, I was lucky in that I never suffered those severe
nighttime hypos (just the nighttime highs).

Sorry, I'm rambling again.
I think I've made my point anyway (somewhee hidden amongst that lot).
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