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Re: [IPk] reusing tubing

I have not seen any messages from Dave either, I also noted that there were
no messages around the 30 June. I just thought you had all gone away

Strange that 3 of us have had computer problems, John N, Dave and myself. I
can appreciate what Dave is going through, I lost all my info and the back
up discs were not accepted by the computer, I had to go right bact to the
factory settings. Since then it's been like trying to fork water uphill
every time I want to speak to one of my contacts. Trouble is, you don't know
you've lost them until you need them.

As far as the Balance article is concerned people have taken notice of it,
in spite of adverse comments. I have had over 70 enquiries asking for
further details and I of at least two who are going on the pump in the near

In my "Little Talks" to people I outline the advantages and disadvantages as

Advantages (Not in any particular order)

Eat when you like, or not at all
No more rigid schedules
Oversleep if you like
More even blood sugars
Being in control, not being controlled
No more bloodstains on clothing or bedding (from injection sites)
Return of hypo awareness
Less insulin
Feeling normal again
Feeling generally more healthy and alive (Not sluggish)
Fewer hypos
More even tempered
Ability to take action to control Highs or Lows
Knowing what's caused the blip
Wife less worried about me

Disadvantages (?)

Frequent blood sugar testing
Being attached to something 24 hours a day

If anyone would like to add to this list, please let me know.

As far as I am concerned the pump is the best tool currently available to
treat diabetes, it is very accurate and precise. It can deliver micro doses
of insulin as small as 0.1 unit of insulin. Try THAT with a syringe!

Tomorrow I hope to help John Hughes to convince the BDA to get their
considerable weight behind pump therapy. I will let you know.

John Davis

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