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Re: [IPk] article

I'm trying to piece together the sequence of events that gave rise to
this article... I'd been pestering the Balance editor - John Isitt - for
months to do a pump article. He'd even stopped returning my phone calls.
Then one day he announced that one of their freelance journalists would
like to interview me for an article on - guess what? - pumps!

The journalist in question - Jenny Bryant - rang me one morning when I
was in Manchester for a telephone interview. Her first question? John,
could you explain to me what an insulin pump is exactly? Sheesh. I had
to give her a 20 minute complete guide to insulin pump therapy over the
telephone. I quickly realised this was _not_ going to be a quality
informed article. It was going to be one those pappy bits of tabloid
scratch-the-surface-and-make-a-story journalism.

I quickly covered myself by insisting I be allowed to vet what she wrote
about me before publication.

Advantages v. Disadvantages. Complete bollocks, as you say Ele.

Di - you mention your friends found the article more positive than
negative. On reflection this is true. And for a conservative magazine of
a conservative establishment I think we were lucky to get what we did.

Ele - if people go to their doctors to discuss this wonderful thing they
have read about, what are they going to get? Ah, no. Let's not worry
about those gadgets. They're more trouble than they're worth.

A friend of mine - Agnes - spoke to her doctor 6 months ago, and he
dismissed pumps out of hand. Jamie, a friend of mine on the
diabetes-support mailing list asked his doctor about pumps last month.
Again, dismissed out of hand. And Jo, a friend in Bristol, just got a
shake of the head. And nobody pushes. Nobody complains. They just go
quietly back to their usual routines.

We are the lucky ones, who have come by strange and unusual routes to be
in possession of pumps. I just feel so so sorry for all the others who
mention pumps to their doctors, and get stopped dead in their tracks.
And it's they themselves who mention pumps, not the doctors. The
lunatics are taking over the asylum it would seem!

Anyhow, let's push the debate forward, in Balance, in parliament, and in
diabetes clinics. I believe the tide will soon turn.


Eleanor Biddle wrote:
> Well, I've finally read the article in on pumps and I've also spoken to a
> couple of my mates who are not on the pump. They said that the first thing
> that put them off was that the "Disadvantages" outnumbered the "Advantages".
> When interveiwed I was asked only to state the MAIN advantages. The article
> has listed ALL of the disadvatages some of which are not even relevent... I
> would quote the text but I don't have the article to hand as mum has tidied
> it away somewhere!?! If ALL of the advantages were listed they would GREATLY
> outnumber the disadvantages.
> I am happy to write a letter to Balence about the article stating the above
> and anything else that comes to mind when I find/read the article again.
> I think the article has successfully acheived at least one of the main
> objectives. and that was to INFORM the general public that the treatment is
> available. It was only by chance that I found out about pumps. Even though
> some people might have a slighly doubtful veiw about pumps through reading
> the article, at least they can go away and discuss it with other
> diabetics/consultants/nurses etc. It's got the ball rolling!
> Eleanor
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