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Re: [IPk] Low battery answer

Eleanor Biddle wrote:
> When Disetronic pumps have an electronic low battery it automatically
> switches off and you canít stop it from beeping until you change the
> battery. Whereas when there is a low motor battery it beeps when in the run
> mode until you push a button and repeats this every hour until you change
> the battery.

Aha! Cunning...

On the Minimed pump, the (3) batteries are all in one unit. So when they
get low, they are low. Which leave me wondering where they get the power
to drive the wailing and weeping noises that it emits by way of warning.
Or even worse, when the battery wire comes lose (I've heard several
stories of this happening) the entire pump stops dead in it's tracks.
Not a sound.

But if the Disetronic has 2 independent batteries, they will not run out
at the same time, and can also monitor each other's performance.

Nice solution :)

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