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[IPk] article

Well, I've finally read the article in on pumps and I've also spoken to a 
couple of my mates who are not on the pump. They said that the first thing 
that put them off was that the "Disadvantages" outnumbered the "Advantages".

When interveiwed I was asked only to state the MAIN advantages. The article 
has listed ALL of the disadvatages some of which are not even relevent... I 
would quote the text but I don't have the article to hand as mum has tidied 
it away somewhere!?! If ALL of the advantages were listed they would GREATLY 
outnumber the disadvantages.

I am happy to write a letter to Balence about the article stating the above 
and anything else that comes to mind when I find/read the article again.

I think the article has successfully acheived at least one of the main 
objectives. and that was to INFORM the general public that the treatment is 
available. It was only by chance that I found out about pumps. Even though 
some people might have a slighly doubtful veiw about pumps through reading 
the article, at least they can go away and discuss it with other 
diabetics/consultants/nurses etc. It's got the ball rolling!


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