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Re: [IPk] reusing tubing


With the tenders, if you use them as recommended, there should be no wastage
what so ever.

Kind regards

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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 05 July 1999 15:46
Subject: Re: [IPk] reusing tubing

>Well I thought about that, butyou could apply the same argument to the
combo packs, yet both MM
>and Disetronic find it worthwhile to sell them.
>There's a reasonably significant difference in price between the combo
>sets and the normal ones.
>Besides, all this tubing getting chucked away isn't exactly environmentally
friendly is it?
>> The tubing surely costs pennies not pounds in incremental cost to the
>> manufacturers. Add the increased cost of administering extra product
>> lines, and you'll end up with increased costs all round. Better to just
>> chuck the unused tubing in the bin...
>> John
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