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Re: [IPk] reusing tubing

I really am lost now cos I seem to be the otherway round, not enough
tubing, but then again this was probably due to changing the cartridge so
offen before going on the 500u stuff, now i change the tube when i change
the cartridge which has been about 24 days so far and its been fine.  I use
tenders so it is much easier.

At 13:44 05/07/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Yes, I realised after asking that it was one of those piece of string  
>questions :-)
>I try and change them every other time but I tend to forget....
>p.s. what do you do with all the spare tubing? i seem to havemiles of it.
>Answers on a postcard..... 
>> Don't forget that the tubing gets exposed to all the hazards of the real
>> world: it gets nicked, stretched, twisted etc. OK, it's fairly robust,
>> but why take chances? So I generally change the tubing when I change the
>> reservoir - that's about once a week. I regard the 2 as an integral
>> unit. I use Tenders and change the infusion every 2 days or so. This
>> means I have plenty of spare tubing lying around.
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