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Re: [IPk] reusing tubing

Di ,
The silhouette is available in a ' combo set ' which comprises 10 needles
and 5 tubes .

I hope this helps !
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: IP- UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 02 July 1999 17:59
Subject: [IPk] reusing tubing

>Another question I've been wondering about.
>Assuming that it's safe to use a reservoir several times (which I know
>many people do), is there any reason why you shouldn't reuse the
>tubing several times too? I can never remember how many times I've
>used the tubing and reservoir since I prefill them before I use them.
>I mean, I know you can use them twice, but is there any problem with,
>say, using them 4 or 5 times? For the reservoir, I guess the lubricant
>wears off, but what about the tubing? And how many times is it safe to
>use the reservoir? I only half fill mine as i don't like to have the
>end sticking out.
>I don't do this as a habit, but as I said, I just forget how many
>times I've used one.
>It would make sense if they just sold the tubing separately from the
>sets (but then of course the companies wouldn't make as much money).
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