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Re: [IPk] Balance article / FRUSTRATION / WE NEED YOUR HELP

I think it was me that put the spanner in the works by suggesting it came
from the list alone, but I think the general feeling is that a letter
should come from the list and also from individual people as well.

At 19:17 02/07/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>John hughes wrote:
>> John/Di/Everyone
>> I don't think it is appropriate for just one person to write on behalf of
>> the list.  Individual letters will carry more weight.  If everyone on the
>> list is serious about how they feel re the benefits of pump therapy then
>> this should not be too onerous a task.  The only thing I would reinforce is
>> the need to stay factual, unemotional and non critical of the medical etc
>> professions; we need to encourage them to start using not batter them over
>> the head because threy are not.
>John - I think you've misunderstood my orginal suggestion:
>If you have any feelings or views about the use of insulin pumps in
>Britain, now is the time to put them in writing, and send them to
>Balance (10 Queen Anne St, London W1M 0BD) There is a good chance they
>will be published in the next issue (September/October), and so reach a
>very wide well-targetted audience. The more letters, the more will be
>published. Given the leadtime to publication, they should be in by the
>middle of July.

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