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[IPk] reusing tubing

Another question I've been wondering about.
Assuming that it's safe to use a reservoir several times (which I know
many people do), is there any reason why you shouldn't reuse the
tubing several times too? I can never remember how many times I've
used the tubing and reservoir since I prefill them before I use them.

I mean, I know you can use them twice, but is there any problem with,
say, using them 4 or 5 times? For the reservoir, I guess the lubricant
wears off, but what about the tubing? And how many times is it safe to
use the reservoir? I only half fill mine as i don't like to have the
end sticking out.

I don't do this as a habit, but as I said, I just forget how many
times I've used one.

It would make sense if they just sold the tubing separately from the
sets (but then of course the companies wouldn't make as much money).


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