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Re: [IPk] obsessive?


If it works for you then be happy with it; its still early days and it is
worth putting the effort in to get it right - the only thing to chill out
about is other peoples views

Best wishes

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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: IP- UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 29 June 1999 12:42
Subject: [IPk] obsessive?

>OK, I know I'm weird, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm becoming
>obsessive about testing and my BG results.
>Quite a few people, including my doctor, seem to think I'm  obsessive
>for testing 10 times a day. OK, I don't alway test that much,
>sometimes it's as few as 5 times a day, but I always want to know what
>my Bg is doing, and of course, correct it if I'm not happy with it. I
>test religiously first thing in the morning and last thing at night,
>and before meals (unless I know I'm low), and usually 2 hours after a
>meal to see if I've taken the correct bolus, and usually before and
>after exercise if it's not within half an hour of another test. If my
>BG is high I'll check again in an hour, half an hour even if I'm
>worried about it. I'll also test before something like a meetin unless
>I've tested within about an hour.
>gUnless there's some reason for being slightly high such as
>before exercise, I'll correct anything that's above 7, or above 9
>after a meal.
>Does that sound like I'm getting too obsessed?
>I know everyone's different but maybe I should chill out a bit and not
>worry so much. Then again, at least until I've seen my A1C, I want to
>make sure I'm really getting as good control as I can.
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