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Re: [IPk] Balance article / FRUSTRATION / WE NEED YOUR HELP

I agree in principle, John, but do you not think a letter would carry
more weight if it comes from a community of people rather than an
individual? Also, Michael and John N have already written. That only
leaves me and Natty as unbiased pump users in the UK (or have I missed
anyone? - JOhn D has been mentioned with the input group and of course
Eleanor is already famous <g>). I think one letter from a group implies more than 3 letters
from individuals (noone is to know how many the group consists
of). And there's no reason why Natty (and anyone else)
can't write individual letters too.
But I'm equally happy to write it as an individual letter if that's
what people want.
> John/Di/Everyone
> I don't think it is appropriate for just one person to write on behalf of
> the list.  Individual letters will carry more weight.  If everyone on the
> list is serious about how they feel re the benefits of pump therapy then
> this should not be too onerous a task.  The only thing I would reinforce is
> the need to stay factual, unemotional and non critical of the medical etc
> professions; we need to encourage them to start using not batter them over
> the head because threy are not.
> Best wishes
> John H
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