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Re: [IPk] setting basal rates

> What i mean is what your body needs to function, feed your brain, muscles
> etc etc.

Oh I see. yes that's what I meant too. I thought you meant something else.

But what I meant about testing the basal rates was something else. We
don't seem to be able to understand each other very well :-)
I know how to test the basal rates by not eating and seeing what
What I really meant was: how do you determine what's an "aceerage
day". You might be eating nothing but do you test on a day when you're
doing absolutely nothing all day (which not only is almos impossible
to do, but is also not realistic since I never have days like that
normally). Even if I'm at work all day, if I'm using my brain a lot my
Bg will drop, if I'm walking around doing things like photocopying my
Bg will drop, if I'm in a meeting my BG will probably increase (if
it's stressful)...do you see what I mean?

Same at night. If I wake up evrey few hours to test at night, that's
not representative because strange things happen to my BG when I'm
asleep. So if I disrupt my sleep pattern, that disrupts my BG.
What i really need is a continuous BG monitor that measure my Bg while
I'm asleep :-)
> It now means that if i dont want to eat or if I want to do exercise or
> other things eg eating more then I know that my baseline is spot on and I
> just have to cope with the event in hand.

That's what I do, and that's how it's supposed to work.
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