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Re: [IPk] set changes

I used to get the same problem, for me it was due to leaving the set in too
long between changes, I know know that I can go for exactly 72 hours
without changing, but if i leave it for say 74 hours my bgs go ape after I
change. Also after 74-76 hours the site starts to get sore and itches.


At 10:52 01/07/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>I know the recommendation is to change the set before a bolus, but do
>people find it's necessary? Other than when a set NNEDS to be changed
>instantly, of course.
>I was just changing it whenever, and just priming the needle with 0/8 units
>(and reconnecting to the existing tubing) and I didn't seem to have
>any problems.
>But the last few times my BG has shot up afterwards, and then settled
>down after about 4 hours. 
>I always test a couple of hours afterwards to make sure everything's
>OK, so I don't usually change it last thing at night.
>As I said, I know the recommendation is to change before a meal, but
>does everyone actually do this? 
>Also sometimes I only take 1 or 2 units with a meal (I hardly ever
>take more than 3). I have a feeling that this may not always be
>enough when I've put a new set in, if you see what I mean.
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