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Re: [IPk] Opera and layabouts

What i mean is what your body needs to function, feed your brain, muscles
etc etc.  Take away everything else, this means that you have to have days
every so often where you just have a dull day with nothing happening and
you dont eat, eg 1 day you dont have breakfast another you dont have lunch
and another you dont have dinner or if like i do you do it all in one day
and dont eat until say 11pm before going to bed.  This way you know what
the body needs to function and from there you have a stable line in which
to work everything else around.  what you would then do is have temp rates
either up or down if you needed them but I would suggest that if you are
doing excersie you should eat just like most normal people should and if
you are eating then you would bolus for it.

This is what I have read is the best way to get stable control without
large fluctuations and it certainly works for me.

It now means that if i dont want to eat or if I want to do exercise or
other things eg eating more then I know that my baseline is spot on and I
just have to cope with the event in hand.


At 09:42 01/07/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Ah, that was what I was wondering.
>I find because every day is different, it's hard to set basals because
>there isn't much that's a normal day. And pretty much anything I do
>different will affect my Bg level. So it maks more sense for me to
>have a more or less steady basal that I can then adjust from day to
>day with temporary rates as needed.
>how on earth did you manage to set all those rates with a vastly
>varying schedule?
>> Basel rates are exactly that the basic rate you need to live irrespective
>> of the activity of lifestyle changes.
>That doesn't make sense to me, natty, unless by that you mean the rate
>you need if you're not doing anything unusual. if I spend one
>afternoon sitting at my desk working, and another afternoon
>researching in the library, and a third in a meeting, I'll need
>different amounts of insulin for all 3. When or if I eat doesn't make
>any difference, but what my brain and body are doing does.
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