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Re: [IPk] Opera and layabouts

Ah, that was what I was wondering.
I find because every day is different, it's hard to set basals because
there isn't much that's a normal day. And pretty much anything I do
different will affect my Bg level. So it maks more sense for me to
have a more or less steady basal that I can then adjust from day to
day with temporary rates as needed.

how on earth did you manage to set all those rates with a vastly
varying schedule?

> Basel rates are exactly that the basic rate you need to live irrespective
> of the activity of lifestyle changes.

That doesn't make sense to me, natty, unless by that you mean the rate
you need if you're not doing anything unusual. if I spend one
afternoon sitting at my desk working, and another afternoon
researching in the library, and a third in a meeting, I'll need
different amounts of insulin for all 3. When or if I eat doesn't make
any difference, but what my brain and body are doing does.


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