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Re: [IPk] diabetes question, not pump related

Oh I see - well you can always tell the school nurse then to tell her! 
However, the not exercising with high BG can be a bit of a misnomer. If 
you have high BG but haven't been high for hours, it's usually fine (the 
main reason not to exercise in this case is if you have low levels of 
circulating insulin, and in most cases this won't be the case unless 
you've had high BG for some hours). It is a very individual thing 
though. The main thing is just that if it's high she obviously doesn't 
need any carbs!

On 30/01/14 15:28, Hayward, Clare (SUT) wrote:
> Thanks Di
 > Well she's not come to me yet (school nurse will let her know I'm here if she
 > needs to chat) but the school nurse has come to me, just to pick my brains a
> and check and she said she herself didn't know anything about not exercising
 > when high bgs and the girl hasn't been told and there was nothing on the
> of paper the nurse brought about exercise or anything (a nurse did visit our
> school nurse with mum and dad and daughter)
 > Yeah, I don't want to barge in or contradict anythign she's been told but my
 > heart went out to her when I heard because first of all I thought how awful
> have just heard those words and now to be faced with things you may not
> understand and it didn't seem as though she'd had much help. I felt for her
 > being 17 and didn't want her getting higher if she was doing exercise!
> muck her up for the rest of the day, evening and night.
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