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Re: [IPk] diabetes question, not pump related

Hi Clare
I'm afraid it's pretty normal (in some hospitals, though not all). At 
least she's on MDI and testing though (many people are still put on 
twice daily pre-mixed insulin when first diagnosed!). A lot of hospitals 
do work on the basis of keeping things simple at first, especially with 
children, though some are more enlightened. It sounds as if she is at 
least coming to you for help, so personally I would just explain some 
basic principles to her (such as WHY she needs to eat carbs before PE, 
and therefore why if her BG is high, she doesn't). Obviously you don't 
want to contradict her medical team, or stand on anyone's toes, but I 
would certainly explain some simple things to her if she comes to you.

On 30/01/14 14:07, Hayward, Clare (SUT) wrote:
> Hi all
>   Hope you don't mind me posting something here that's not pump related but
 > diabetes related as I wanted to get your thoughts/advice/take on this
 > A young girl at school (14 years) was diagnosed 2 weekends ago, in hospital
> a drip, quite poorly I believe (get this - doctor knew she'd lost a lot of
> weight, she was going to the toilet a lot, drinking a lot) - he didn't do a
 > finger prick test!! They waited over a week to go to surgery to get a blood
> done!!
> Anyhow, moving on - she's back in school this week
 > She's been put on 4 injections of 4 units per day, assume they're sorting her
> out
 > At school today running a bg of 17 after breakfast but hospital won't do any
> changes (yet). She also hasn't been told about exercise, carb counting or
> anything like that
> She had double pe today.
>   She's been advised to snack BEFORE PE but if she's at 17, a) she'll go even
> higher and b) not really safe to exercise being that high but nobody seems to
> have told her
> Is this normal way of teaching about diabetes when you first get it?
 > Are they just doing one thing at a time and getting her used to it before
> start mucking around with doses, how could you not be carb counting to even
> vaguely match insulin?
 > Am I missing something? Ijust feel that I had such good care when I first got
 > it and it seemed although I was only 12, a great deal of things were
 > and gone over. I know I spent over 2 weeks in hospital and nowadays they
> afford that but ..... am I hopelessly outdated?
 > I know I don't know all the facts and what she's been promised she'll learn
> ...............
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