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[IPk] Pump funding

Some time ago , possibly last summer I wrote in as I'd been given worrying
info from one of the DSNs regarding continuing funding for my pump as it was
more than 4 years old and had cracked.
It was all solved really easily . My pump was renewed without a problem.
I recently attended a Diabetes UK conversation group hosted by representatives
of the CCG. A majority of the patients were type 2 and I did not realise how
hard some had to fight to even obtain testing strips despite the fact that
they were on medication that could cause them hypo symptoms which could have
issues for driving etc.
I had to fight for pump funding initially but the systems were different then
ie pre NICE and PCTs or CCGs.
I will always be grateful to John Davies who founded INPUT and ip-uk who
pointed so many people in the right direction hospitals to attend, letter
writing etc in order to achieve funding for pump therapy.
I began to accept it as my right and entitlement to pump therapy  but now
reading through the list and seeing that there are till patients who have to
self fund.
Having had to take early retirement there is no way I cold currently afford to
self fund
That's enough from me today . Good luck to all trying to gain funding for an
insulin pump
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