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Re: [IPk] Lowering carb intake

Hi Carmel
Great work on the weight loss! Are you exercising too? That will really 
help with the weight loss (but will also increase your insulin 
sensitivity, so be aware of that)

On 22/01/14 15:56, Carmel Matthews wrote:
 > I know there has been lots of info about lowering carb intake recently. I
> thought I'd share my experience
> I became really depressed about my weight in the autumn.
 > I have always had problems and in 2006 I self funded gastric by-pass surgery.
> I lost about 4 stone but struggled with
> 1) losing any more weight
> 2)Trying to keep the weight off and regaining weight.
> In desperation I started to follow a commercial eating plan that contains
> about 45-60 grams CHO daily .
> Whilst I have always fully appreciated the benefits of reducing carbs/insulin
> I have never been able to do it before . I tried Bernstein and Atkins but
> always ended up giving up because of hypos . I still get them but deal with
> them and move on but don't give up as I used to.
> I am now aware that everything tastes so sweet and I don't crave carbs like I
 > used to. Christmas was difficult I will admit and it has been difficult to
> back into it. Unsurprisingly I now use far less insulin and my DSN has helped
> with reducing insulin sensitivity and carb ratios as again I would have given
> up as I was getting so many hypos and did not associate the two.
> Having had diabetes for 55 years you'd have thought I'd know this already ,
> which I did but couldn't apply it to me ! The real evidence is I've lost 21
> lbs , all my blood results are much steadier and my HbA1c has come down from
> the equivalent of 8.2% to 7%. Things are not perfect but I'm really pleased
> with the new results
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