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Re: [IPk] Omnipod self fund

Sorry, yes I meant to say "no one with clinical need". Although of 
course, some people may prefer to self-fund rather than jump through all 
the hoops, if they're struggling to get funded. But yes, my point was 
exactly that someone might want to self-fund to get the specific pump if 
their clinic don't offer Omnipod. But they might also be able to come to 
some arrangement with their hospital in this case (it's not unheard of 
to be offered pump but not consumables, or vice versa).

On 20/01/14 12:05, Melissa Ford wrote:
> Hi Diana
> Just a quick point: occasionally INPUT does hear of people who are
> self-funding because they don't meet the NICE criteria and they just prefer
> a pump.
> With my INPUT hat on, I would say no one who meets the NICE criteria should
> be self-funding to access pump therapy.
> However, if someone's story is 'I meet the criteria and I have been offered
> a pump with tubing but I wany OmniPod and my CCG won't pay for OmniPod,'
> then they may have to self-fund to access OmniPod.
> Hope that explains a bit.
> Melissa
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