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RE: [IPk] I hope this works

Back in 2004 a company called Lein Applied Diagnostics contacted me regarding
monitoring BG levels via a contact lens type device.

Dan Daly  told me that Lein was formed about 2003 they built and tested their
first lab bench prototypes.  According to Dan D, they were getting very
 encouraging results but they then needed to perform a large number of
measurements on a large number of subjects to prove the system works under all
conditions, before they could start the CE and FDA clinical trials processes
that leads to approval to sell an instrument. He wasn't expecting anything to
happen for about 3 or 4 years.  That was over 10 years ago

 Their system measured the glucose in the aqueous humor in the front of the eye.
I was told that the  process would to be to hold a mobile phone sized meter up
to the eye, press a button and there will be short flash of red light (from an
 LED as found on the front of most electrical devices these days). A reading
then be given on a screen 

I don't know whether Lein are still working on this product but the "contact
lens" and measuring the glucose levels in this way has been an idea that has
been around for over a decade.

This is all I can find on their website

Jackie J

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If that's your choice, Tom.  Great.

It's not mine, and that too is great - as far as I am concerned.

This is neither the time nor place to go into the activities of the sectors
mentioned before.  I have lots of information that informs my choices which may
well be different from yours.

Kind regards


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Tom Falconer
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Hi Rhoda,

I do read the journals, and the only thing they use the information is to sell
 advertising. If this means I only see relevant advertising instead of
ones, so much the better.

Admittedly in America I would be worried that they could sell the info to my
health insurer, which may affect my premiums ( although they could go down as I
could show that I was doing all I could to manage the condition).

On the positive side, this information could be used to produce better tools as
it could become the largest source of raw data on how blood sugars fluctuate.

Yes, Google would sell the data, and not just give it away, but it would still
be cheaper than collecting the data any other way.

Of course Google are going to try to monetise the data, buy in return I get
continuous blood glucose measurements with nothing stuck in me.

Sounds like a good deal.

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