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Re: [IPk] thanks

 Sorry Belinda, there's no magic button. Diabetes is hard work, even on a pump.
Some of us go rollerblading with flat stomachs, or in my case climb mountains
without flat stomachs. But it's still damn hard work. And rollerblading or
climbing mountains is always harder for us than for nonDMers. But as my friend
Jerry (a professional mountaineer with type 1, who doesn't use a pump) says:
"diabetes is a pain in the arB#e, but it's not an excuse and it doesn't mean you
can't do anything. If you want to do it, you'll find a way." that's pretty much
my life mantra.

 When I visited a remote hospital in Nepal last month (as a visitor, not a
patient!) the doctor told me that almost all type 1s just die there. Not because
they can't afford insulin, but because it's unavailable. Even in Kathmandu. He
was quite proud that they managed to keep most type 2 diabetics alive, and even
tested their blood sugar occasionally (maybe once a year). Put things in
perspective for me very quickly!

 On the positive side, one of the reasons we have groups like this is so that we
can collectively complain about how rubbish it is to have diabetes, and know
that people will understand. Not to mention occasionally help to make our lives
slightly less rubbish.


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 > On 17 Jan 2014, at 23:10, Belinda Washington <email @ redacted>
> The "it" I'm looking for is diabetes equivalent of whatever has the 
 > women in the Bodyform advert rollerblading & playing volleyball in tiny white
> shorts with super-flat unbloated stomachs.
> After a year of pumping, it's much easier than MDI, but still very 
 > hard work. I'm sure it should be much easier. I feel like the Excel user who
> still does the totals on their calculator.
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