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Re: [IPk] twitching stomach

Hi Clare
I've had it before, usually when I'm hungry!
Muscle twitching (fasciculation, if you want the correct term!) is 
usually a sign of tiredness, lack of potassium, or too much caffeine.
It's pretty benign and generally nothing to worry about. I doubt it's 
diabetes-related. But you could try eating more bananas :-)

On 16/01/14 16:15, Hayward, Clare (SUT) wrote:
> If you've ever had a twitch around your eye or your mouth, where you can feel
> and SEE it twitching but it's involuntary and therefore you can't stop it,
> does anyone have this happening in their stomachs?
> I get it a few times during the day and it also happens in the night.  Just
 > wondering if this is a diabetic thing or just me. It's weird, not painful but
> can last for a while.  Probably the lower half of stomach.  No, I'm not
> pregnant so that's ruled out.  More a twitch than a fluttering, continuous.
> If anyone's used one of those muscle machines where you stick patches on you
> and it works your muscles itself, it's like that and alas, I'm more of a 14
> pack than a six pack - I have no stomach muscles at all.
> Thanks and try not to laugh at my daft question! Heeee :)
> Clare Hayward
> T1 33 years
> Pumping Medtronic Veo 11 months
> Last HBa1C 54
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