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[IPk] twitching stomach

If you've ever had a twitch around your eye or your mouth, where you can feel
and SEE it twitching but it's involuntary and therefore you can't stop it,
does anyone have this happening in their stomachs?

I get it a few times during the day and it also happens in the night.  Just
wondering if this is a diabetic thing or just me.  It's weird, not painful but
can last for a while.  Probably the lower half of stomach.  No, I'm not
pregnant so that's ruled out.  More a twitch than a fluttering, continuous.

If anyone's used one of those muscle machines where you stick patches on you
and it works your muscles itself, it's like that and alas, I'm more of a 14
pack than a six pack - I have no stomach muscles at all.

Thanks and try not to laugh at my daft question! Heeee :)

Clare Hayward
T1 33 years
Pumping Medtronic Veo 11 months
Last HBa1C 54


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