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[IPk] thanks

 Thanks Ingrid and thanks to everyone who has posted and commented and
contributed. Its' been so interesting - valuable replies.

 I really agree with Belinda's comments about your knowledge/education of your
diabetes and your pumps, and I think a lot of that seems to be down to you all
finding a lot of things out for yourselves and taking control. You seem to know
so much about this subject and have so much to contribute to posts. I am so
pleased and that I joined this intelligent and clever group so we can have these
discussions and get help and tips and I have learnt huge amounts and am still
learning, through many of the posts. It's good to read about other things even
if they don't always apply - it's information and a place to go to ask and
thanks again Di for reminding me that no question is too stupid to ask here,
even though I feel I should always know far more than I do. You will get support
and answers here; wonderful.

 More recently than ever before in my diabetic life (I've been type 1 for 33
years) and it's probably since I went on my pump (and it's only been a year)
I've felt more overwhelmed (and a bit down at times I have to say) by my
diabetes than ever before and it's been more consuming than it ever was as I'm
aware almost each hour and with everything I do that I have to make this pump
work for me and utilise all the functions and sometimes I want to have ONE
****ING DAY OFF, just ONE DAY'S BREAK from it all.

 Thanks to everyone for your continued posts and all the support you all give
out to all of us in this very special group of people

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Very interesting discussion, thanks for starting it Clare!

 Deepak - yes I've found this, really very difficult to predict effect on BGs
when eating (virtually) no carb but high protein/fat meals. I'm still at it with
various cooked veg (winter-ish)/salad (summer-ish) + houmous/tofu based meals,
but there's rarely a consistent effect on BGs several hours later! Nice when it
does all work out though :)

 Anyone tried the new low carb bread LIVLIFE? 3.8g CHO/slice. It's made with
'natural vegetable protein flours to replace some of the wheat flour' and mixed
seeds. Looks & smells like ordinary bread but sorta weird to eat, chewier and
well, slightly different texture...it is and it isn't bread!! I can't decide if
I like it! Apart from its low carb, I've discovered it keeps really well (in
fridge), my current loaf is 2 weeks past its Best Before date and still exactly
as it was when I bought it.

NB I bolus for tea if I have a cuppa on its own, otherwise BG shoots up.
Assume that's the caffeine effect..


From: Deepak <email @ redacted>    I was on a very low carb diet
 for several years - whilst you generally avoid spikes post your meals , the
impact on your blood sugar of meals containing only fat or protein is quite
unpredictable and not always easy to forecast

  I now have 30g or carbs with each meal (preferably low GI) and find that as
long as my insulin to carb ratios are accurate , my post meal sugars are easier
to predict and hence manage .
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