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Re [IPk] low carbs/no carbs

Very interesting discussion, thanks for starting it Clare!

Deepak - yes I've found this, really very difficult to predict effect on BGs
when eating (virtually) no carb but high protein/fat meals. I'm still at it
with various cooked veg (winter-ish)/salad (summer-ish) + houmous/tofu based
meals, but there's rarely a consistent effect on BGs several hours later! Nice
when it does all work out though :)

Anyone tried the new low carb bread LIVLIFE? 3.8g CHO/slice. It's made  with
'natural vegetable protein flours to replace some of the wheat flour' and
mixed seeds. Looks & smells like ordinary bread but sorta weird to eat,
chewier and well, slightly different texture...it is and it isn't bread!! I
can't decide if I like it! Apart from its low carb, I've discovered it keeps
really well (in fridge), my current loaf is 2 weeks past its Best Before date
and still exactly as it was when I bought it.

NB I bolus for tea if I have a cuppa on its own, otherwise BG shoots up.
Assume that's the caffeine effect..


From: Deepak <email @ redacted>    I was on a very low carb diet
for several years - whilst you generally avoid
spikes post your meals , the impact on your blood sugar of meals containing
fat or protein is quite unpredictable and not always easy to forecast

 I now have 30g or carbs with each meal (preferably low GI) and find that as
long as my insulin to carb ratios are accurate , my post meal sugars are
to predict and hence manage
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