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RE: [IPk] low carbs/no carbs

Di, you may be right, but it depends on whether the dmer "wants" to learn
and take control of their dm - many don't even know they can do.  They're
always being told to contact their medical advisor/nurse/GP so they become
child-like, dependent and passive.  If they are positive, pro-active and
keen to learn, (like most of us on this list!!!) then they'll understand
this and so much more.

Also it depends on how it is taught.  I've often been surprised how total
novices can absorb complicated information if they are interested - then
they apply themselves - and as a result they manipulate the information they
are given more proactively which helps lay down memories and understanding.
(Cognitive psychology stuff - sorry!) And again how it is taught.  

Interestingly too, in recent tv programmes on nutrition e.g. Michael Mosley
5:2 diet/way of eating (latter is my preferred term), the nutritionists have
been addressing these issues more and more.  I sit here watching and cheer
them on!


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For many people, this kind of info is way too complicated to even bother 
trying to explain though! Some people struggle with even basic concepts!

On 15/01/2014 09:44, Rhoda Martin wrote:
> Christine, I suspect the dietitians *may* have covered this in their
> training but like many of us, unless we use it often, it tends to slip
> the memory horizon!  Also a common dictum among dietitans and medics for
> lay dmers is "keep it simple".  It also means, "inaccurate" and leaves a
> of tools for dm management out of range for most dmers.
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