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Re: [IPk] low carbs/no carbs

 I think the key when you start worrying about these kind of things is to go
back to the basics. what does a pump do in terms of basal and bolus? Remember
that if you have it set right, a bolus is only covering (normally) carbs you eat
or is used to bring down a high BG. The speed and timing of the bolus is altered
to deal with different absorption speeds of the carbs you eat. Basals cover your
non-food-related insulin needs. If your insulin needs change, it means your
insulin sensitivity has temporarily or permanently changed, so this may affect
both basal and bolus (eg if you're ill, or exercising, or whatever). Don't get
caught up too much in rules you may have been taught (which are often either
plain wrong, or inappropriate for pumping) and go back to the logic of what
insulin does.

Two more things to remember: 
1. no question is stupid, so if it's bugging you, ask away! 
 2. Don't be afraid to experiment (within reason). What happens if you eat an
omelette and take no insulin? Try it and see what happens!

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 > On 14 Jan 2014, at 14:56, "Hayward, Clare (SUT)" <email @ redacted>
> Thanks Di, Cathy and Carol for your helpful comments
 > Maybe I need to go back to Pump (Diabetic) School! I wasn't paying attention
> pump bolus (or not) class was I?
> OK, I'll try again with pump 
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