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Re: [IPk] Pump upgrade - what are the options?

Hi Laura

Your clinic may not mind much if you decide to wait to get your pump
replaced later.

INPUT has heard from a number of people across the country whose hospitals
have said that they have been ordered by CCGs not to replace pumps until
they break, so many people are using pumps out of warranty. From a CCG's
perspective, a piece of equipment that's still working is still working,
warranty or no.

You do need to be aware that  once your warranty has expired, the pump
company may offer a loaner pump for only a specific period of time if your
pump breaks and your team will have to organise an order for a new one
rather quickly.

I used my last pump for 8 months after the warranty expired because I was
sort of hoping for something new and neat. I knew which pump I would ask
for if at any point I needed to place an order, and my diabetes care team
knew that they would have to act fast with putting in the paperwork because
I was using my pump out of warranty. At the 8-month mark, I started having
issues with buttons not responding as quickly as I would have expected and
figured it was time to bite the bullet rather than keep waiting.

Some people use other sites besides their stomach for CGM sensors - have a
look using google :)

Hope that helps a bit!

Type 1 19+ years; pump user 17+ years

On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 2:33 PM, Laura Holborow <email @ redacted>wrote:

> Thanks for the comments everyone, and especially the update on the 640G,
> Melissa. I guess my clinic won't let me wait another year to update my pump
> (not sure why they should care though, to be honest - it still works, even
> if it is a little battered now!) but certainly an exciting idea to increase
> and decrease insulin automatically based on CGM. I guess I need to get a
> bit more used to a CGMS to take advantage of that (after a 2 week trial I
> hated it and found teh results not fully trust-able (blood going down when
> it said I was going up etc) and exceedingly uncomfortable - far more so
> than an infusion set. Partly I think because the sensor had to be in my
> stomach (which I don't use for infusion sets) and was always in the way of
> waistbands etc).
> Anyway, I'll talk to the DSN and see what they suggest too. Please keep us
> updated after the Vienna conference, Melissa, I'd be interested to hear a
> rough timescale.
> Thanks
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