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[IPk] low carbs/no carbs

Hello everyone

 I'm sorry if this is repetition of earlier query (I've got a recollection of
this subject has been mentioned before and I know some of you out there advocate
or are on low carb diets and also I'm a little bit ashamed to ask it, because I
think I should know:

What if you didn't have carbs with a meal? Or several meals?

  I've forgotten now why we are all supposed to be eating carbs at every meal. I
was dx 1984 and I was told 3 meals plus snacks in between and before bed every
day (I was in that regime/era) and I know things moved on with MDIs where you
can vary carb amounts instead of eating set carbs for each meal with your set
pre doses, but now on the pump, what if I wanted to go no or really minimal
carbs for 1 or more meals? Not as a dietary change but say having an omelette
and salad - no need for carbs, just as an example


Clare Hayward
T1 33 years
Pumping Medtronic Veo 11 months
Last HBa1C 54

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