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Re: [IPk] Retinal bleed

Hi Di
Hope you are feeling better now.
Thanks for your reply, I may contact you off list later, at the moment
nothing seems to be changing, it got half way better and then seems the
same everyday now.  I have decided to be cautious until I see the
consulltant, my BP isn't brill though not being treated.  Although I have
had laser, I hadn't been aware of any loss of sight before and I passed the
field test a few months ago to keep driving.

One of the reasons i am finding it hard to cope with is that I have hearing
loss which happened out of the blue on 2 different occasions, and could
progress further, no real known cause - and its scary to have both eyes and
ears dodgy!


On 10 January 2014 15:05, DIana Maynard <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi Barbara
>  If it helps, I'm just back from Everest Base Camp, made it there and back
> in
> one piece. more on that later, I'm currently ill with a violent stomach
> bug.
>  But sorry to hear about your eyes, afraid there's not much to do except
> wait.
> These bleeds can clear in anything from a day to a year or so (sorry), but
> typically a few days / weeks. I was only told to avoid things like lifting
> heavy
> weights because of the increased pressure, but it may depend if you have
> eg high
> BP (I don't). so I was allowed to run etc, and even to dance, but it
> probably
> doesn't hurt to be cautious. I think gentle low impact sport would be OK
> but
> take it slow. I imagine you will need more laser when it's settled a bit.
> Lucentis didn't exist as an option for me (20 years ago) so can't advise
> there.
>  But on a positive side, this doesn't mean anything long term, and doesn't
> mean
> you will lose (more) sight (can't remember if you lost any so far). so try
> not
> to worry. always happy to chat privately if you need.
>  If you ever get a bleed that covers the whole eye (ie you can't see out
> of it)
> go straight to your eye hospital, as they may need to do a vitrectomy if
> that
> doesn't clear in a day or so (best chance of success is sooner rather than
> later
> for that).
> Di
> Sent from my iPad
> > On 10 Jan 2014, at 14:03, Barbara Roberts <email @ redacted>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi
> > Does anyone have any suggestions for me please?  Between Xmas and New
> Year,
> > I had a bleed in my eye. The GP sent me to A&E at the nearest Eye
> Infirmary
> > to get it checked out and it appears that the retina is not torn (the
> good
> > news).  I can still see floating cobwebs in my vision, but not as many
> > black bits as it was.
> >
> > Any idea how long/if it will take to clear?  The doctor said 'a while'.
> > She also said I shouldn't do anything too energetic, which is a blow as I
> > like to run and she said no to that - do you know if that's because of
> the
> > jolting, or the raised heart rate/BP? ( I was thinking an exercise bike
> > would raise my heart rate, but not jig my eye around.)
> >
> > I have got an appt to see my eye consultant about it in 3 weeks time, I
> > have already had pan retinal laser treatment, and am expecting this will
> > mean I need more laser.
> >
> > Has anyone had Lucentis injections for macular odema?
> >
> > I am finding it quite hard to cope with the thought of damage to my
> sight,
> > just keep reminding myself of all the amazing trips Di goes on.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Barbara R
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