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Re: [IPk] Pump upgrade - what are the options?

 I have seen flyer with a picture of the new MM640G. It looks very "sharp" -
like a modern smartphone. It might be worth waiting for even if it is a few
months before it is approved.

 I recently replaced my 5 year old MM522 with an Animas Vibe. Here are my 2
pence worth.

 Comparing the Veo and the Vibe. The Vibe has a nice clear colour screen which
is much easier to read than the B&W screen on the MM pump (which reminds me of
an old Nokia 3310 mobile phone). Despite this there are many aspects of the
operation and menu system on the Vibe that are very poorly thought out and make
standard operations like bolusing both time consuming and irritating. The have
been some recent discussions about this on IP-UK that you might search for.

 IMO, if I were simply choosing on the basis of pump ease of use and
convenience, there is no way I would choose the Animas, I would either go with
the Veo, or wait it out for the 640G. However, I self-fund CGM, and when you
factor this in the picture changes completely. The Dexcom G4 system is
fantastic. I find it RELIABLY as accurate as a fingerstick, easy to set up and
straightforward to use. You only have to look on line at some of the discussion
groups to see that this cannot be said of the Enlites. Also, I have been getting
2-3 weeks out of a Dexcom G4 sensor - I don't know anyone who has managed more
than around 8 days out of an Enlite. If you are self-funding this means a saving
of around #1200 per year.

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