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Re: [IPk] Pump upgrade - what are the options?

Hi Laura

I've been away on holiday and am just now catching up with a number of

INPUT has a page on pump choice, including user reviews, here:

[Incidentally, if anyone wants to submit a review of their current pump,
please see the invitation on that page :) ]

The only new pump I have heard will be launching in 2014 in the UK is the
Accu-Chek Insight, which will take profiled NovoRapid cartridges
('PumpCarts'). See


Hope this helps

Type 1 19+ years; pump user 17+ years

On Friday, January 10, 2014, Laura Holborow wrote:

> Hi
> My hospital has sent me a letter inviting me to a pump upgrade workshop -
> in which I'll be given a new medtronic pump (I haven't been told which one,
> and not even given a choice of colour it seems!! lol).
> I've used medtronic pumps since I started on a pump around 2001, don't use
> especially low basal rates etc to need anything unusual, but don't
> particularly want to be upgraded without any discussion seeing as I'll be
> living with this thing for the next 4 years! Within that time I might be
> considering pregnancy - is there any functionality needed there which the
> medtronic is good/bad for?
> Does anyone know of any new pump makes/designs/brands out there that would
> be worth considering instead of the medtronic? Or even a rumoured major
> change to a pump, that would be worth waiting for, instead of getting this
> one and then having to wait years before I can upgrade.
> Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.
> Laura
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