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Re: [IPk] Retinal bleed

Hi Barbara
 If it helps, I'm just back from Everest Base Camp, made it there and back in
one piece. more on that later, I'm currently ill with a violent stomach bug.
 But sorry to hear about your eyes, afraid there's not much to do except wait.
These bleeds can clear in anything from a day to a year or so (sorry), but
typically a few days / weeks. I was only told to avoid things like lifting heavy
weights because of the increased pressure, but it may depend if you have eg high
BP (I don't). so I was allowed to run etc, and even to dance, but it probably
doesn't hurt to be cautious. I think gentle low impact sport would be OK but
take it slow. I imagine you will need more laser when it's settled a bit.

Lucentis didn't exist as an option for me (20 years ago) so can't advise there.
 But on a positive side, this doesn't mean anything long term, and doesn't mean
you will lose (more) sight (can't remember if you lost any so far). so try not
to worry. always happy to chat privately if you need.

 If you ever get a bleed that covers the whole eye (ie you can't see out of it)
go straight to your eye hospital, as they may need to do a vitrectomy if that
doesn't clear in a day or so (best chance of success is sooner rather than later
for that).

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> On 10 Jan 2014, at 14:03, Barbara Roberts <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi
> Does anyone have any suggestions for me please?  Between Xmas and New Year,
> I had a bleed in my eye. The GP sent me to A&E at the nearest Eye Infirmary
> to get it checked out and it appears that the retina is not torn (the good
> news).  I can still see floating cobwebs in my vision, but not as many
> black bits as it was.
> Any idea how long/if it will take to clear?  The doctor said 'a while'.
> She also said I shouldn't do anything too energetic, which is a blow as I
> like to run and she said no to that - do you know if that's because of the
> jolting, or the raised heart rate/BP? ( I was thinking an exercise bike
> would raise my heart rate, but not jig my eye around.)
> I have got an appt to see my eye consultant about it in 3 weeks time, I
> have already had pan retinal laser treatment, and am expecting this will
> mean I need more laser.
> Has anyone had Lucentis injections for macular odema?
> I am finding it quite hard to cope with the thought of damage to my sight,
> just keep reminding myself of all the amazing trips Di goes on.
> Thanks
> Barbara R
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