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Re: [IPk] Post-Lunch highs

Hi Fiona
It might be that you need more Lantus in the morning to cover the 
afternoon highs. I mean, it might not be the bolus for lunch that is 
causing the highs, but a lack of basal insulin.
If you don't eat lunch, or you eat lunch late, does your BG go up?
If so then you have your answer.

I've always had problems keeping my post-lunch BG in control when I'm at 
work and sat down at a desk all afternoon. I do find that a short walk 
immediately after lunch helps in that respect, though it may not be 
feasible for you.

Another alternative might be to eat less carbs at lunch and then have a 
snack before you exercise....
Good luck, I know how frustrating it is trying to get it right!

email @ redacted wrote:

 > Hi everyone. I joined the mailing list a couple of weeks ago and although not
 > pumper, have found your comments and tips very interesting  Ive learnt lots
> stuff that my diabetes team have never mentioned!
>  I am desperately trying to sort out my control on MDI (Novorapid/Lantus)
> regime. A ratio of 20g CHO to 1unit of insulin seems to work pretty well for
 > breakfast and evening meal (using a correction dose of 1 unit for 4 mmols/l
 > necessary). However at lunchtime even using at least twice this (10g to 1
> results in a very high BG in the afternoon (16 or higher is typical, 2 hours
 > after lunch). Any suggestions as to why this should be and what correction
> I should use? I often exercise in the late afternoon after work and want to
> avoid a hypo before dinner.
 > I think if I can get these highs sorted this would really improve my overall
 > averages and SD. I have a meeting with my care team on Feb 15 and want to
> that Ive tried my best on MDI. One of the things they wanted me to do was to
 > avod hypos but by tightening my control Im averaging about 1 hypo per day.
> like to sort out the post-lunch high though. Thanks for any suggestions.
> .
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