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RE: [IPk] RE: Pump site

Thanks Di,

It's great to have everyone share all their information.  I would ask
questions that I wouldn't dare ask of others. I find it all very

Best wishes 


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Hi Marion
I use my stomach (all parts of it), buttock and thighs, with the Silly
(Silhouette) infusion sets which I insert manually (though I've also
used all 
these sites with Sofsets).
For the buttocks, I use the area underneath where my back jeans pocket
is. I 
can reach just far enough to do it. I find that they feel very
but scar more than the other sites.
For the thighs, I use the same areas as I used to inject, ie all round
front and side of the thigh, at the top. No problems with the tubing (I
leave it under my jeans or tuck it into my knickers if I'm wearing a
skirt). I 
usually have the pump in my pocket, on my belt, or in my bra. The thighs
tend to scar so much, but I haven't used them much. I do find I have
more of a 
tendency to catch things on the set and pull it out accidentally, when
it's in 
my thigh, and (to a lesser extent) in my buttocks.
I prefer the stomach, but I try to rest it every so often as I do have
quite a 
few scars. I find that when I'm stressed or my body is stressed (not 
necessarily the same thing) my sets don't last nearly as long and I get
scarring. A few weeks ago I could barely make a set last 2 days, and I
terrible scars. It was the same time that my body was very sensitive, I
tgetting rashes and itching skin, and my asthma was worse. No idea why,
but my 
body was obviously stressed.

I normally get 3 days out of a set, then absorption takes a noticeable
Hope that helps

Marion Malik wrote:

> The leg sounds very interesting, when you get a moment or anyone else
> can say do you use the side or front of leg for the site and how high
> up?  Just wondering how much tubing is floating around up the leg and
> where do you feed it through if you clip to your waistband or place
> pump in your pocket?  Is it tricky putting the set into your upper
> buttocks, just thinking about the practicalities if you are doing it
> yourself?
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